Since our brand's inception, sustainability and ethical practices have been at the forefront of our priorities.  From material to production we're constantly thinking of socially conscious and environmentally friendly ways to source and utilise our  materials in a waste conscious manner.
On this note, we have recently set ourselves a new goal of giving back to the animal community.
In an attempt to help as many furry friends in need of financial aid and extra support we have launched our 'Repurposed' initiative. 
50% of the proceeds in our 'Repurposed' range will be donated towards an animal shelter each quarter.
We are constantly on the hunt for old/donated materials, these will be repurposed and turned into bandanas, bow ties and scrunchies for this initiative.
Our goal is to donate to a variety of shelters; If you would like to recommend a great shelter or wish to donate any old materials, please email or send us a message via our Instagram.
 Shelter of the quarter “Animal Aid”