AW21 Ambassadors

Introducing our newest ambassadors, Albert, Finnick, Miso and Ziggy & Zelda!


Albert is a one year old Miniature Dachshund. He takes fetch very seriously and sticks, well they are life. He is extremely calm and has a very sweet temperament. He loves routine and cheese. He is a complete Mumma’s boy who takes the job of ‘shadow’ to the next level. His favourite place is the beach and he loves to swim. He is weary of people but is very social with dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is intelligent and one of his favourite things to do is stir the family cat. He is always up for a snuggle but will happily sleep in his crate at night. Fun fact: He has never destroyed an item that isn’t a dog toy.

Ruff! I’m Finnick, a pure Siberian Husky. Everyone calls me Finn or Finny. Wondering how I got my name? So, my girl hooman loves the name Finn while my boy hooman’s name is Nick, so, Finnick it is! Plus, who doesn’t love Finnick from the Hunger Games!

I’m a major vocalist (from expressing my mood to letting hoomans know it’s dinner time), I won’t hesitate to express myself whenever I want. And yes, I would do anything for treatos!
All in all, I am a whole package of sass, smartness, independence, sweetness and fluff ALL IN ONE!

One day a bundle of cloud decided to land on earth. Showered with endless chimkins, belly rubs, cuddles and squeaky toys. Far from being a home dog, Miso loves adventures, from bush walking at the mountain to swimming at the beach, road trips from south to north and soon east to west. Stay tune for his adventures dressed up with fabulous bows and bandanas.

Ziggy & Zelda:
We are Ziggy and Zelda we are two adventure loving bengals kittens from the surf coast of Victoria. A purr-fect day for us is swimming in the sea, climbing trees, sticking out heads out the car window & wrestling. We also absolutely love to help our pawrents in the kitchen, some of our favorite foods to sample are chickpeas, sweet potato, corn, black beans & mushrooms! You can follow our adventures on Instagram @wild.awakening_


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