Introducing our SS20 Ambassadors


Friendly and affectionate to everyone I meet, I am the happiest shiba you'll see on the street! My favourite place to go is the beach, here you'll find me digging holes or diving head first in the sea!

Instagram: @hoshi_shiba_ 


This is Mabel, one of the chattiest cats you will ever meet, meowing and making noises all day long. She’s overly sociable, loving nothing more than being with lots of people who will give her pats and attention. She is however terrified of jumping and that bum wiggles a very long time before she makes her move or many times, just gives up.

She was rescued as a kitten after being abandoned in a building with her litter. When found only her and her brother were alive but she was brought back to health and is now the sweetest, most gentle cats.


If you look up the definition of “scaredy cat” in the dictionary there may well be a photo of a Margot there. Aside of being fearless when leaping or climbing, she is scared and cautious of everything. Noises? Tick. Weather? Tick. Strangers? Tick. New toys? Tick. She is however the most loveable of cats to those she knows, loving nothing more than a snuggle or to climb up onto shoulders for a better view. She is also obsessed with her older sister, Mabel and has been since day 2 at home after she was adopted.

Instagram: @margotandmabel

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